Jorge Oliveira is an assistant professor in the Portucalense University.  He has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Porto, Aveiro and Braga. He is an enthusiast in the development of machine learning and computer vision applications.  

José Carlos Oliveira Ferreira is a Bank Manager, holding responsibilities for the operation, administration, marketing, training, lending, andsecurity in Banco Santander for more than 20 years. Manager at Banco Santander since 2021. He enrolled managing functions in Totta, Credito Predial Português, Santander; Merged branches Credito Predial Português with Banco Totta; Merged branches Banif with Banco Totta and Banco Popular with Totta Bank). Experience in Business, namely in Tourism and Health Center sectors.

Vasco Ferreira has a PhD in Astronomy (with a specialisation in
Cosmology) by the University of Porto and is currently a collaborator at the Instituto de
Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço. He worked as a researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações
in the field of Computer Vision. My mission: implement and develop Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms to deliver reliable results and improve the user experience; collaborate in the development of the entire operational system of VisitPlann AI products.

Name: Paulo Gabriel Boucinha Figueiredo
Title/Role: Developer
Description: I have a degree in computer engineering, currently finishing my master’s degree in computer science.
Interested in the most diverse areas such as Android Development, Virtual Reality and Computer Vision.