Project Description

VisitPlann is a Portuguese company, composed of experts from the areas of technology, management, education and economics.

We develop innovative technological solutions for the tourism and culture sectors.

We offer our partners, whether museums, monuments, historical centers, churches, and others a sustainable and secure business model, both from an economic, social and environmental point of view. 

We have introduced a new generation of audio and video tour guide systems based on intelligent systems. 

Using this technology, tourists and visitors will be able to freely customize their experience, regardless of their language, physical or mental ability. 

With our object recognition technology, visitors can access a vast source of multimedia content through a simple photo. 

We offer accompaniment throughout their visit, automatically proposing new points of interest through recommendation algorithms.

VisitPlann offers multimedia solutions customized to your needs, such as applications for smartphones


A tourist guide tailor-made according to the preferences and constraints of each user.

Enhances the experience of visiting cultural, religious spaces, monuments and other points of tourist interest using intelligent technology, integrating a playful and educational as well as spiritual interaction with the visitor based on the user’s preferences.

Provides an optimal route connecting the points of interest, object detection and classification of your photos in real time, updated multimedia content in audio, text and video

A fully digitized database of heritage information in text, audio and image support, allowing the history of the monument or other cultural element to be conveyed to the visitor at any time.

We preserve the ecosystem and the environment. Using our technology, you can decrease the negative footprint of QR-Code based technologies and illustrative and historical boards.

We improve the visitor experience by generating satisfaction recommendation leads

Technological Development

Our classification algorithms run on top of the latest Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) available on the market.

 Using a version optimized for mobile and edge devices, our model is installed with the mobile app (for both Android and iOS) ensuring that you have access to our algorithm even without an internet connection.

The system uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recommend the best experience for the visitor.

The application makes requests directly to the local server where the backend performs all security validations, thus ensuring data security for all users as well as the integrity and proper functioning of the application


– Create educational audiovisual content and platforms (End-to-end content construction) in order to promote and position Portugal as a sustainable tourist destination, economical and accessible to all, integrating an eco/concept of preservation, both of the heritage “per-si” and of the spaces where it is integrated, protecting it for future generations 

– Lead in the digital transformation of the tourism sector (Cultural and Religious Tourism etc.) 

– Support public institutions, public-private and private companies with intervention in the area of Tourism. Through a close connection with tourism agents and local populations, thus enhancing the multiplier effect of tourism as a lever for economic and social development.

– Generate Leads to direct tourists to the seasons and to the territories with less demand using existing routes and new routes to be created

– Proposing attractive contents and challenges adapted to each person/profile in order to improve the tourist experience throughout the travel cycle.

Complementary activities

– Creation of a content communication model to boost interest and (qualitative) information about the heritage, material and immaterial (its History; Architecture; Origin; its Legacy; its People) 

– Survey of the content of the identified Heritage

– Research and creation of a photographic inventory

– Identification of sites; routes etc..

Implementation Steps

– Patrimony Identification: 

 || Braga Religious 

– Research and construction of didactic contents

– Conception of Intelligent and Digital Guides